We Love Our Moms

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“My mom is the most amazing woman I know. Her strength in times of adversity have always been what I’ve tried to mirror in my own life. It’s funny how growing up I showed such disobedience to her rules, structure, and guidance but now as an adult I’m so grateful that she had the resolve to not be faded by my crocodile tears and complaints continuing to parent me in the right ways and not the “cool mom” ways. Without her I wouldn’t be the woman that I am today. If I could just be a quarter of the woman/parent that she is to me I know I’ll raise the best child ever and one day they ’ll have the same great things to say about me. I love you mom”
Adrian and her mom Winifred
Designer stylist at Utica

“Being a mom means that although he didn’t come from my body, I will share all the joys and love of this world with him.”
Rhiannon and her son
Designer stylist at South Memorial

“Mom is my world! So much so, I stole her hairstyle from the 80’s to rock today.”
Roger and his mom
Senior stylist at Hyatt