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Aveda’s new product, Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil, is the remedy that you have all been waiting for (even if you didn’t know you were waiting). This oil is 99.9% naturally derived with the hydrating power of buriti oil. Not only does it smell like heaven, but it also instantly moisturizes your hair by up to 41%. Many products have silicone in them, and while they may make your hair look shiny in the short term, the long term effects are quite drying. This is not an issue you will find when using Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil. This is one of the most exciting launches we have had recently and we cannot wait for you to experience this incredible product! Visit us at any of our Ihloff locations and try it out. We promise you will not be disappointed! Here is what a few of our stylists have to say about why they love this Dry Remedy Oil:

Claudia R. (Utica): “I love how light DRO feels on my hand before I apply it to my guests hair!!! It packs a power punch of moisture, INSTANTLY!! It has proven to be a game changer in the dry hair world!!”

Sara G. (Utica): “I love how well the dry remedy oil works! I love it as a prep product as well as a finishing product for my extra dry guests. The instant results from using the product is amazing. You can feel it in your hands as well as on the hair.”

Hailey R. (Utica): “Dry remedy oil is so versatile which makes it that much better! It caters to such a wide variety of guests which I love. My favorite use is using it as a refreshing product on days 2 & 3 after shampooing to keep the ends of that thick coarse hair from looking dry!”

Dry Remedy Moisturizing Oil retails for $27, but the results are priceless! Want to find out more? Watch this Aveda video on what it is and where it comes from: