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bca hand relief

We love Aveda Hand Relief, and we love it even more when taking care of our skin helps fund breast cancer research.  


Our owner and industry leader Marilyn shares her survivor story with us.

In January, 1990, as a single mother of sons aged 11 and 17 and at the tender age of 41, I went in for the second mammogram of my life. I will never forget thinking, as I walked in, that I was going to ask my OB/GYN if I could do this every other year since there was no history of breast cancer in my family. At that time, mammograms were not covered by insurance and they cost $85. My sons both wanted a pair of Air Jordan high tops and that amount would just about cover one pair.

The very next day I got the call to come in. The tumor was 2.5 cm and due to the size, a mastectomy followed by reconstructive surgery would be necessary. During the surgery, nodes were harvested and 2 were involved. This plus the size of the tumor required 6 months of chemo. I experienced what was nearly paralyzing fear that I would die and not see my sons grow up. Quickly, I decided I did not like the feeling of fear and would need to focus all my strength and energy on doing everything I needed to do medically and loving my sons, my family, and my friends with all my heart. What the universe had in store for me past that was not in my power to control and I found peace in that knowledge.

I am a hairdresser and a salonspa owner. Two of my guests (at least) were my experienced support team and I was inspired by being with these wonderful women who had survived breast cancer themselves. All my coworkers and guests were great support during this time as well. I am also especially grateful to my then boyfriend, now my husband, who, after dating for just over a year, stayed with me during my hospital stay and questioned medical people at every step. And of course my two sons who were my biggest reason to survive!

I love the beauty industry and our team of nearly 150 who serve our salon and spa guests. These team members know that I am always willing to talk to women in the midst of a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. We all must inspire each other until the time a cure is found.

I am grateful to be here today enjoying the unbelievable gift of seven wonderful grandchildren along with the deep connections of family and friends. I am also humbled to remember that the reason I am here is the research and medical advancements of committed people who have donated time and money to this cause.

Marilyn park