Shine Is My Favorite Color!

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Aveda reformulated and launched a new color line called Full Spectrum Demi+ this year. Aveda’s demi permanent color line had some room for improvement on the shine and longevity of its old Full Spectrum Deposit Only line.

Demi+ improves the condition of damaged hair as well as adding radiant color and shine. Demi permanent hair color is different than permanent dye because it just lives on top of the hair and barely inside, not changing the natural makeup of your hair. You can deposit color going darker, add tonality or just add radiant shine. The new formula is 93% naturally derived, lasts up to 24 washes depending on the condition of your hair and gradually fades on tone.

Right now we are offering our Shine Treatment at a discounted price so our guests can experience the new formula and fall in love with their shiny hair! Shine Treatments only take 5 minutes to process and gives you that blingy shine you’ve been longing for! Right now, through June 30th, we will be offering this service for $30. Come in and experience why we love Aveda hair color!

-Lezleigh M. – Master designer, Ihloff South Memorial

hair by Lezleigh

hair by Becky

hair by Becky

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hair by Rae

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