Meet the Owner

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Take a look and get to know the new owner of Ihloff, Kate Cottrill!


What was your first job at Ihloff?

“I started at the front desk 17 years ago. At the time, my intention was to go to cosmetology school, but I fell in love with the operational side of the industry and working to support creatives. I moved into management and marketing, and eventually purchased the company!”

What’s something you love about the beauty industry?

“I believe in the power of transformation and what that can do for your confidence when you feel good about yourself. I have experienced that personally!”

What’s something you love about owning an Aveda salon?

“The Aveda network is something I am really proud to be a part of. Aveda has always been a leader when it comes to sustainable practices, and with the network of amazing salons, we can compare best practices and support each other!”

Tell us about yourself!

“I come from a big family and spend lots of time at family get-togethers, so I’m used to controlled chaos! I grew up in Tulsa and have 4 children who are all now young adults and starting their lives. I enjoy running, spending time on Riverside, supporting local restaurants, and traveling to the beach. Fun fact: I was also born the same year that the salon opened – 1980!”

What’s your Enneagram and how does it influence your work?

“I’m an 8w9. It most serves me by the attributes of championing underdogs and the desire to see equity. I’m direct and honest, and I want others to own their space and believe in themselves and grow.”

What’s something your younger self would be proud of?

“I feel like the obvious answer would be owning this business, but I also think I would be proud of the fact that I have maintained my individuality and stayed current with trends. Being in this industry has really contributed to that.”

What do you enjoy most about Ihloff?

“Part of that love is Marilyn [Ihloff], who she is, and what she built. I love the people who work here. I’ve been able to see people fulfill goals, start families, even go off and start their own businesses. I like that we are community-driven and have access to creative opportunities like photoshoots and hair shows.”

In what ways are you involved in the Tulsa community?

“I tend to be involved in organizations with a theme of underserved women and children. I’ve been involved with Oklahoma Project Woman and Tulsa Girls Art School, and am currently on the Board of Advisors for Tulsa Regional Chamber.”

What do you enjoy when you’re not working?

“Sunshine, running, and reading! I’m currently reading The Gap and the Gain (and also the Bridgerton series).