Earth Month 2016: Go Green with Us!

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EM Water Walk

April 1st starts our Earth Month efforts at Ihloff Salon and Day Spa! Ihloff Utica Square, Ihloff South Memorial, Ihloff OKC and our Communications Center will all be banding together as Water Warriors!

Each year we raise over $10,000 towards supporting; Global Green Grants, Save the Illinois River, Gulf Restoration Network and Oklahoma Scenic River. Each Aveda Earth Month candle you buy, every water drop donation, every craft you purchase and every bid you win in the Bid Book is just one more way to celebrate with us and change lives globally, regionally and locally.

On 4/5/16 we did our annual Walk for Water at the Central Center around Downtown Tulsa. When we walk, we do so in support of the distance around the world people need to walk in order to get clean water. It is not the 50 feet many of us have, but several kilometers!

To our Team: Thank you for all you do. Your efforts over the years have made an impact on the world and we are so proud of you.


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