An Inside Look

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If you have ever wondered what we are doing at our staff meetings, here is an inside look at some of our activities in July…

We appreciate our long-time salon guest, Becky Frank, of Schnake Turnbo Frank, for all her efforts in coordinating many local small and large business owners around care of Tulsa’s homeless population. These businesses unite to end homelessness through A Way Home for Tulsa (AWH4T), an initiative of the Community Service Council

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Special thanks to Noe Rodriguez of the Mental Health Association for speaking at our staff meeting around this topic and letting us know how we can help!

Noe Rodriguez, Homeless Outreach and Rapid Response Coordinator for Mental Health Association Oklahoma, talks with Stephen Masters who has been homeless on and off for 20 years Oct. 4, 2017. MIKE SIMONS/Tulsa World

We want to make sure our team is empowered in many ways and today we focused on self defense. Thank you Jolee with ELITE Self Defense for coming out and showing us the moves we need to protect ourselves!