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April is Earth Month, and we are so proud of our team members that have continued their creative efforts to earn funds to contribute to our water saving efforts!


Andrea, Elite Master, South Memorial

“We often take for granted the access we have to clean water.  Earth Month is a great reminder of how fortunate we are and how important it is to support those who don’t have our resources.  This year for my fundraising I decided to get creative.  Our Aveda product line is 98% derived from plant and flower essences so what better way to visually represent that by using our product bottles as planters.”

Andrea earth month


“Being creative is what I am lucky to do daily and when we focus those efforts on raising money for clean water it is exciting to see the positive impact we can make.”

Ashley, Elite Master, Norman 

“Earth month is such a sweet reminder on the importance of taking care of our environment.  Doing small daily things like drinking water from a reusable bottle instead of plastic, turning water off while brushing your teeth and washing your hands to having a recycling system in your home and unplugging anything that is not using electricity.  Building these habits will help to do your part in preserving the quality of our beautiful planet.

I have made shower vapor disks to raise money to support our clean water efforts.  They are made from eco friendly burlap bags and set in eco friendly paper cups.  They consist of baking soda and Aveda essential oils.  You only need a little splash of hot shower water to breathe in the respiratory benefits of eucalyptus and peppermint.”

Ashley earth month 1

Susan, HR Director

“Earth month has always been a focus at Ihloff, and I’ve recently discovered my favorite way to fundraise. My husband is a competition BBQ cook and the salon asked him to cater one of our staff meetings. Everyone loved his BBQ so much they kept asking if it could be purchased; so the idea to sell BBQ for Earth Month was born! This year we smoked 150 pounds of pork butts and briskets and sold just over 60 pounds of meat.

As Human Resources Director, I have the opportunity each year to see the enthusiasm from the Ihloff Team. It is heart-warming to see the excitement behind the team’s fundraising efforts and how much can be accomplished when we work together towards the same goals.”

Susie earth month 3

Susie earth month

There are so many creative ways that we can all help save water!  Here are some great ideas:

Cut just 3 minutes from your usual shower time, and you can save 6 gallons (22.7 litres) of water.  If you shower daily, you could save 2,190 gallons (8.290 litres) of water a year!

Buy organic produce—because runoff from traditional farms can pollute water.  Also recycle electronics, appliances, fluorescent light bulbs, silver batteries and paint—to help keep pollutants out to the water supply.

Choose native plants instead of traditional grass lawn because they don’t require herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers that can pollute water.

Skip meat one day a week and save hundreds of gallons/litres of water!  It takes 1,840 gallons (6,965 litres) of water to produce just 1 lb/.45 kg of meat.

Compost fruit and vegetable peelings and waste instead of using the garbage disposal.  You’ll save gallons/litres of water each time!

If you turn off the faucet while brushing you can save about 28 gallons in a week.

Make sure your washing machine and dishwasher are filled to capacity before running them—to cut energy and water use.  You can save even more by air-drying your clothes on a clothesline.

Place ice cubes under the moss or dirt of your potted plants and hanging baskets to give your plants a cool drink that won’t overflow or waste water.  Use leftover ice from your drinks instead of wasting it.

It takes three times as much water to make the bottle as it does to fill it!  Carry a refillable water bottle instead.

It takes about 2 gallons (7.6 litres) of fresh water to generate each kilowatt-hour of traditional electricity.  So turn it off if you’re not using it.

Together we can make a difference.

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